medium long men's haircut

Best Long On Top Short On Sides For Medium Length Haircuts

Men’s haircuts with medium length have their own benefits: not too long, not too short, and a majority of styles to try yourself. From classic and timeless to fades and braids, the choice is yours.

Long On Top Short On Sides

The Pompadour

The Pompadour hairstyle for men is a short and slicked-back style that features additional volume on the top and short on sides. It offers versatility as it can be dressed up for a professional office setting or dressed down for a casual and relaxed occasion

medium long men's haircut
Long On Top Short On Sides Hairstyle
mens hair cuts medium length
The Pompadour Hairstyle


Mid-fade is a universal choice because it will suit any face shape and age. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair, a longer beard, etc.; it will look good on any face shape and age. Mid-fade is the safest choice.

mens hair cuts medium length mid fade
medium long men's haircut
medium long men's haircut

The Slick Back

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patrick bateman haircut
mens hair cuts medium length
The Slick Back Medium Length


The hairstyling technique known as ‘choppy‘ involves a stylist cutting hair into uneven and asymmetrical patterns with defined sections.

mens hair cuts medium length choppy
medium long men's haircut
Typically, this technique is applied to medium to longer length hairstyles, as it helps to produce depth and texture within the hair.


If a hairstyle is labeled as “disconnected,” it indicates that there are two separate lengths of hair that are not blended together in any manner – The hair on the back and sides is short, while the hair on top is long. There is no gradual transition or taper between the two lengths.

medium long men's haircut
medium long men's haircut

Wavy Mop

The Wavy Mop haircut is a stylish and relaxed cut that emphasizes texture, volume, and length. It strikes the perfect balance between being not too long and not too short, making it an excellent example of a mid-length trim that hits the “just right” sweet spot.

medium long men's haircut
medium long men's haircut


Braids have maintained their popularity for years and have been a recurring trend in recent times. In fact, this style has a rich history spanning many cultures over the centuries. Presently, celebrities such as Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, and Lewis Hamilton have helped to bring back this classic style. Whether you prefer loose and casual, messy, or a closer fit with cornrows or a unique pattern, your barber can customize the look to your liking.

medium long men's haircut

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