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Bradley Cooper Style Guide

Bradley Cooper’s style has come a long way. Before his transformation around 2012, he used to sport a less-than-impressive look with spiky bleach-tipped hair, shiny suits, ill-fitting clothes, and questionable fashion choices. However, after landing roles in films like Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond the Pines, his style drastically improved.

A big part of this change can be credited to celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati, known for dressing other stars like Tom Hiddleston and Rami Malek. Ilaria helped Cooper to elevate his fashion sense with a three-piece suit for The Hangover press – which became one of his signature looks for the next decade. While Cooper now usually looks sharp, he occasionally still has some fashion mishaps. 

Now let’s dive in on how to dress like Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper Style – Black Leather Jacket

Bradley Cooper Style - Black leather jacket

During a shoot for Alex Jones, Bradley Cooper has come with a black Ducati motorcycle, and you guess what is the best combination for a black ride? Black Leather Jacket

Black leather is the perfect choice for giving you a symbol of attitude and masculinity, no matter if you are a movie star or just a regular guy, you need to have at least one in your wardrobe! Just look at the pictures above, this outfit screams a symbol of high status. If I saw a guy wearing this outfit – without thinking I would know that this is a high value man with excellent styling.

When choosing a black leather jacket, prioritize the fit for comfort and style, aiming for a snug yet not overly tight fit with room for layering when necessary, and pay close attention to the shoulder, chest, and sleeve measurements. Regarding material, if your budget permits, opt for genuine leather for its superior durability and authentic look. However, quality synthetic leather can be a suitable budget-friendly alternative, offering similar style and appearance.

Three Piece Suit

Bradley Cooper Style three piece suit

While the three-piece suit may not be a go-to for today’s man due to its potential for looking a bit extravagant in everyday settings, it’s a reliable choice for a polished and effortlessly stylish appearance. Bradley Cooper’s journey with this attire began with some hesitation when stylist Ilaria Urbinati introduced him to a gray three-piece suit for The Hangover premiere in 2009. However, it soon became a staple in his wardrobe, evolving into a navy Salvatore Ferragamo version for The Hangover III premiere in London in 2013.

Cooper typically opts for slim-cut trousers, prefers matching waistcoats over contrasting ones, and leans toward neutral colors such as black, charcoal, grey, and navy, with the occasional exception like the light blue Gucci suit he wore to the A Star Is Born premiere.

Long Coat

Bradley Cooper long coat

While Bradley Cooper’s fashion choices may occasionally miss the mark in terms of style and tailoring, there’s one aspect of his wardrobe where he consistently shines – his mastery of the long coat. Cooper was seen many times on the street wearing a long coat, but he also styled a long coat in September 2018 when he attended the press conference of ‘A Star Is Born’  on the red carpet. 

When selecting a long coat for Bradley Cooper style, consider the climate in your area: opt for wool coats to combat cold weather, while lighter fabrics like cotton or blends are suitable for milder temperatures. Ensure a comfortable fit that allows for layering if needed, paying close attention to shoulder, chest, and sleeve measurements. When it comes to colors, go for classic options like those I mentioned above – black, charcoal, gray, and navy.

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Bradley Cooper Style - Sunglasses

When it comes to Bradley Cooper’s style into sunglasses, he goes for aviators and cypress. Aviator sunglasses have a classic shape with teardrop lenses and thin metal frames. Cooper wears it whether he’s at a fancy event or just walking around town.

His second option is cypress frames, they are thicker and are most popular for giving a modern gentleman look. No matter if he’s going for a relaxed look or a trendy one, these Cypress sunglasses help him fit in with different fashion styles.

Bradley Cooper Short Beard with Sideburns

Bradley Cooper Beard

To get a short beard with sideburns, let your facial hair grow for a few days and don’t trim your sideburns. It’s easy to maintain – just use a bit of beard oil every day to keep it healthy.

For Bradley Cooper’s scruffy beard look, you’ll need about a month of beard growth, but it can vary based on how fast your hair grows. Cooper trims his beard by following its natural shape from top to bottom, going in the direction of hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signature items in Bradley Cooper’s wardrobe?

Bradley Cooper’s wardrobe includes well-fitted suits, long coats, stylish sunglasses, and leather jackets. He’s also known for his preference for classic and minimalist designs.

Does Bradley Cooper have a preferred fashion designer or brand?

Bradley Cooper has been seen wearing outfits from various designers and brands. He doesn’t appear to have a strict loyalty to a single designer, but when it comes to watches, he became Vuitton’s first dedicated brand ambassador in September 2022.

What haircut does Bradley Cooper have?

Bradley Cooper has a slick back hairstyle. To achieve this hairstyle, your hair length needs to be at least 4 inches on top and sides. 


There is a reason why many men called Bradley Cooper a style icon, from his leather jacket to his three piece suit (thanks to  Ilaria Urbinati), achieving his style may not be that complicated as you think.  

Here are steps to incorporate Bradley Cooper’s sense of style into your wardrobe:

Black Leather Jacket

Three Piece Suit

Long Coat

Sunglasses – Aviator and Cypress frames

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