How To Get Jim Halpert Haircut

Best Jim Halpert Haircuts And How To Get Them

Who doesn’t know Jim Halpert (also known as Big Tuna)? He’s a character from the famous show “The Office,” played by iconic star John Krasinski. In the series, we see the everyday life of office employees dealing with work, bosses, and coworkers.

Besides the humor, what stands out are the fantastic hairstyles John Krasinski sports that suit his character perfectly. In this article, we’ll discuss the best John Halpert’s  haircuts (from season 1, 3 and 9) and how to get them.

Now let’s dive in.

Best Jim Halpert Haircuts 

It may not be obvious, but with each season, Jim’s hair undergoes changes that mirror the story and his character’s development in the series. Here are the 3 best Jim Halpert haircuts, with a guide on how to achieve them.

Jim Halpert The Side Part – Season 3

Jim Halpert Haircut - Season 3

In season 3, Jim underwent another hairstyle change for a job interview, opting for a side part look. With his squared hairline style, he skillfully pushed his hair backward, highlighting his facial features and achieving a clean, professional, and stylish appearance.

To get this haircut, you need to have slightly longer hair on the top (at least 6 inches) and a little bit shorter on the sides (at least 4 inches).

For styling, pomade and a blow dryer are your best friends. After showering, dry your hair while slicking it on the side and leaving it slightly wet, then apply pomade to hold your hair for the rest of the day.

Pomade is the best product option for this hairstyle because it leaves your hair slicked naturally without any shine. Patrick Bateman’s hairstyle is very similar to this look.

Jim Halpert Long and Messy Haircut – Season 1

Jim Halpert Haircut - Season 1

The Jim Halpert haircut from season 1 is long and messy on the sides and back. In someone’s eyes, this hairstyle might be ugly, but in my opinion, this hairstyle is very fun and attractive looking. Why?

It’s easy to groom and looks fun, if you don’t like it you can just cut hair on the sides and back and you will have a same haircut as Jim in season 3.

Now if you like this haircut, this is what you need to get it. Your hair length needs to be between 4 and 5 inches long on both side, then cut the front and back bags by 1 inch.

For styling tools you will need a brush blow dryer or roller for making waves on the back and front sides. For products you can choose between hair cream or wax.

Jim Halpert Long Ivy League – Season 9

To achieve the Jim Halpert haircut from season 9, trim the sides and back of your head, ensuring a perfect length for a seamless blend with the longer top hair.

Then, employ the magic of a hairdryer and comb to sweep your locks backward, creating an ideal texture up top. A dab of styling product is the finishing touch that seals the deal.

Even if your hair is on the shorter side, fear not! You can still make this style your own, albeit with a tad more effort. Simply pair it with a fade haircut to infuse a touch of professionalism into your overall look. Whether you opt for the ivy league or the medium pushed backward cut, rest assured that your haircut will be a reflection of your unique style and charm.

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John Krasinski Quiff Awards Hairstyle

John Krasinski Quiff Awards Hairstyle

John Krasinski is a true master when it comes to seamlessly transforming his appearance from an endearing, boyish charm to a sophisticated, tall, bearded gentleman.

This hairstyle with trimmed sides and a stylish quiff on top, is perfect for formal events and business meetings.

To achieve this look, start with medium-length hair and utilize a round brush during the blow-drying process. Create volume at the crown of your head, sweeping it in a graceful curve.

Apply a touch of mousse for added texture and finish it off with a spritz of hairspray to maintain its pristine appearance.

John Krasinski Spiky Waves

Photo Source: Pinterest

Once, John opted for a change from his usual quiffs and slick back style, to a cheerful and spiky wave look.

Spike’s hair is always ready to impress. When in doubt, go for spiky waves and make a statement at any event, be it formal or casual.

Getting this hairstyle is a breeze—simply apply mousse on top and shape it in your desired direction. Voilà, your John-inspired spiky hairstyle is complete!

Frequently Asked Questions and Fun Facts

Did John Krasinski wear a wig while playing Jim in season 3 of ‘The Office’?

Yes, John Krasinski did wear a wig while portraying Jim in season 3 of ‘The Office.’ It was kept a secret from the audience to maintain continuity in Jim’s appearance, as John had a different hairstyle for another project he was working on at the time.

What is Jim Halpert’s famous facial expression called?

Jim Halpert’s famous deadpan and knowing glances into the camera, often used to react to the absurdity of his workplace, are often referred to as “Jim face.”

How is Jim Halpert’s hairstyle described in the show?

Jim’s hairstyle is often described as clean-cut, classic, and business-appropriate. It’s characterized by a side-parted look with the hair on top combed to the side, giving it a polished yet relaxed appearance.

How can one achieve a haircut similar to Jim Halpert’s style?

To achieve a Jim Halpert-inspired haircut, ask your barber or hairstylist for a short to medium-length cut on the sides and back, leaving the top slightly longer. You can then use a comb and some styling product to create the side-parted look and maintain a clean appearance.

What are the names of Jim Halpert’s haircuts, season by season?

Long and Messy Cut: Jim’s hairstyle in the first season is a classic short office-appropriate cut with neatly combed hair.
Season 2:
Side Part Style: Jim maintains a similar short haircut but starts experimenting with a subtle side part.
Season 3:
Side Part: His hair is slightly longer, allowing for a more relaxed and slicked appearance.
Season 4:
Clean-Cut Classic: Jim returns to a cleaner, more traditional office-ready hairstyle with shorter hair.
Season 5:
Side-Parted Neatness: Jim’s hairstyle is characterized by a clean side part and a well-groomed appearance.
Season 6:
Tousled and Relaxed: He maintains a slightly longer, more relaxed style with a hint of tousle.
Season 7:
Classic Office Cut Redux: Jim’s haircut becomes neater, reminiscent of his early-season style.
Season 8:
Classic Side Part: A return to the classic side-parted look with a well-groomed appearance.
Season 9:
Final Season Long Ivy League: In the final season, Jim’s hairstyle is Long Ivy League clean-cut and polished as the series concludes.


And that’s it! I hope this article has provided you with insights to help you choose which of Jim’s haircuts will work best for you. It’s worth noting that every hairstyle he sported in “The Office” is not only stylish but also easy to achieve. Whether you prefer the classic slick back or ivy league look, channeling a bit of Jim Halpert’s timeless charm is just a haircut away. So, go ahead and bring a touch of “The Office” into your own style journey!

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