Pomade vs Hair Gel

Pomade vs Hair Gel: Which Styling Product is Right for You?

Whether you prefer a polished slicked-back appearance or a relaxed and tousled messy style, there exists a specific hair product that can help you effortlessly achieve your desired look. Among the numerous hair products available, pomade and hair gel are most popular.

So, what sets these products apart?

In this article we will discuss deeply into Hair Pomade vs Hair Gel!

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The Difference in Hold and Shine: Pomade vs Hair Gel

One of the main differences between pomade and hair gel is the hold and shine they provide. 

Pomade is a hair product that provides a medium to high hold with a shiny or matte finish. It is typically used for slicked-back styles, pompadours, and other classic hairstyles. 

Hair gel, on the other hand, is a hair product that provides a strong hold with a wet or shiny finish. It is often used for spiky hairstyles, hard slicked-back looks, and styles that require maximum hold. 

Hair Pomade VS Hair Gel: Comparison

When it comes to choosing the right hair product, the level of hold, desired look, and washability are important factors to consider.


Pomade vs hair Gel - Hold

For a hairstyle that requires maximum hold, hair gel is your best bet. It provides a strong hold throughout the day, making it ideal for intricate styles.

On the other hand, pomade offers a good hold but with more flexibility. It is not as strong as gel, but it remains pliable, allowing for adjustments throughout the day.


If you prefer a more natural-looking hairstyle, pomade is the way to go. It provides a subtle hold and adds volume while maintaining flexibility.

Best Men’s Pomade

For a messy look, opt for oil-based pomade. It offers both flexibility and volume, perfect for achieving that intentionally tousled appearance. For a drier, matte finish, choose a water-based pomade with kaolin clay and apply it to towel-dried or dry hair.

If you desire a greased-up, slicked-back look, oil-based pomade is your friend. It holds hair in place while providing a glossy finish. However, if you prefer a lower-maintenance option, apply water-based pomade to wet or damp hair for a similar effect. Remember, the more moisture in the hair , the higher the shine level.

If your hairstyle demands a heavy hold, like a spiked look, hair gel is the way to go. It offers maximum hold, ensuring your style stays intact.


Pomade VS Hair Gel - Washability

Both pomade and gel can be easily washed out in the shower.

For easy washability, opt for water-based pomade. It rinses out effortlessly and is a preferable choice for those who don’t want a lingering product residue. In contrast, oil-based pomades may require multiple washes to remove completely.

Gel, being water-based as well, washes out easily just like water-based pomade. Your choice between these two products will depend on the desired look and hold.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, it’s advisable to choose water-based products. Oil-based pomades have the potential to clog pores, leading to breakouts.

Pomade: Best Hairstyles 

Slicked Back

The slicked-back hairstyle is a timeless classic. Apply pomade evenly through your hair and comb it back, starting from the forehead. This style exudes sophistication and works well for both formal and casual occasions.


The pompadour is a stylish and voluminous hairstyle. Apply pomade to damp hair, combing it upward and backward to create height at the front. Use a blow dryer to set the shape and finish with more pomade for a polished look.

Side Part

The side part is a versatile hairstyle that suits various hair lengths. Create a defined side part and comb the hair to one side, applying pomade to keep it in place. This classic style is suitable for both professional and everyday settings.

Gel: Best Hairstyles

Spiked Hair

Best Gel Hairstyles

Hair gel is perfect for creating a spiked hairstyle. Apply gel evenly through your hair and use your fingers or a comb to spike the hair upward in different directions.


The mohawk hairstyle is characterized by a strip of hair down the center, with the sides shaved or cut short. Apply gel generously to the center strip of hair and style it upward, creating a pronounced ridge. The gel will provide the necessary hold to keep the mohawk standing tall.

Sleek and Wet Look

Hair gel can create a sleek, wet look that is both sophisticated and polished. Apply a generous amount of gel to damp hair and comb it back or to the side, smoothing down any flyaways. This style works well for formal events or a night out.


The quiff hairstyle is a classic that can be achieved with hair gel. Apply gel to damp hair and comb it upward and backward to create volume at the front. Use a blow dryer to set the style and finish with more gel for extra hold and shine.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can pomade or hair gel be used on all hair types?

Pomade and hair gel can be used on various hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Can I restyle my hair after applying pomade or hair gel?

Pomade offers more flexibility for restyling throughout the day due to its pliable nature. You can reshape your hair using your fingers or a comb without needing to reapply the product. Hair gel, however, dries and hardens, making it less flexible for restyling. To change your hairstyle, wash out the gel and apply it again.

Can pomade or hair gel damage my hair?

When used properly and not too much, pomade and hair gel won’t harm your hair. But if you use too much or apply them incorrectly, they can build up and damage your hair. Make sure to wash them out well and not leave them in for too long. Also, using pomade or hair gel on dry or damaged hair can make things worse.


And that’s it!
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