Peaky Blinders Haircuts

Peaky Blinders Haircuts: A Guide to Achieving the Classic Shelby Look

The TV show Peaky Blinders has a big impact on men’s hairstyles in the last years. It became popular for its portrayal of early 20th century men’s style, leading fans to imitate the characters’ haircuts. The most famous style is Tommy Shelby’s messy crop with shaved sides, but there are other notable cuts in the show. In this article, we explore the characters’ signature hairstyles and discuss what the ‘Peaky Blinders haircut’ actually means.

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What Are Peaky Blinders Haircuts?

Many Peaky Blinders characters have different hairstyles that change slightly from season to season. However, there is one common theme that many iconic cuts share: the undercut.

Most of the main characters in Peaky Blinders have an aggressive disconnected undercut. This style involves clipping the back and sides very short while leaving longer hair on top, without any gradual transition between the two.

The disconnected undercut was popular among young working-class men during the show’s time period and remains popular today. It is a neat and easy-to-maintain hairstyle that offers various possibilities for cutting and styling the hair on top. It can be used to reduce volume in longer hair or add character to traditional trims like Ivy Leagues and Crew Cut.

Tommy Shelby’s  Haircut

Peaky Blinders Haircuts - Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby's Haircut

Tommy, the mastermind behind the Shelby family and the central character of the entire series, assumes the role of ringleader. Amongst the Shelby siblings, he stands out as the embodiment of serenity and composure. However, beneath his composed demeanor lies a capacity for brutality and unpredictability, especially when provoked—an aspect that finds its expression in his distinctive hairstyle, becoming a symbol of his volatile nature. 

Tommy’s haircut is a Textured crop with an aggressive undercut.

When you visit the barber, request a disconnected undercut with a crop style. It’s important to communicate your desire to have the hair on top styled to the side as well. After the barber finishes cutting, get a pomade and apply a small amount to achieve the desired look. Begin by softening the pomade in your hands, and then use it to tousle your hair, creating texture. Work the pomade to one side to achieve the desired hairstyle.

Arthur Shelby Haircut

Peaky Blinders Haircuts - Arthur Shelby
Peaky Blinders Haircuts - Arthur Shelby

Arthur Shelby is the most violent and unpredictable character of the Peaky Blinders show. 

His haircut stands out as the boldest among his brothers, featuring a striking contrast in length between the lengthy hair on the upper portion and the closely trimmed hair on the back and sides of his head.

To achieve this style, it is essential to have sufficient hair length initially. The top portion should be long enough to lay flat when combed backward over the head.

When visiting the barber, request a slick back with a disconnected undercut. Clearly communicate your desire to maintain a reasonable length on the top, and consider bringing a photo for reference if you want to ensure accuracy.

For styling, you will need:

  • a comb, 
  • a blow dryer,
  • and some pomade. 

Apply the pomade to slightly damp hair, then use the comb and blow dryer to shape the hair backward. However, aim for a relaxed look, allowing some volume rather than completely flattening the hair to the top of the head.

John Shelby Haircut

Peaky Blinders Haircuts - John Shelby
John Shelby Smoking
John Shelby Smiling

John, the younger brother of Tommy and Arthur, rocks a modified version of their bold undercut hairstyles. This style is perfect for those who appreciate the look but prefer a tidier and easier-to-maintain alternative to the longer styles seen on the show.

When visiting your barber, communicate your desire for a short side part with a disconnected undercut. Bringing a photo as a reference is always a smart move to ensure both you and the barber are envisioning the same outcome. The barber will trim your hair into a short crop, leaving enough length to create the desired parting.

One of the best aspects of this style is its simplicity. You won’t need much styling effort. Just apply a small amount of wax to keep the side part in place, and you’re ready to conquer the day.

Michael Gray Haircut

Peaky Blinders Haircuts - Michael Gray
Michael Gray Smoking

Michael Gray, the son of Polly Shelby and a cousin to the Shelby brothers, emerges as a prominent figure within the gang until circumstances take a dark turn. His distinguished haircut embodies the timeless essence of a classic 1920s side part, setting him apart from the other central characters with its traditional charm.

When visiting the barber, request a timeless side part, skillfully crafted with scissors to achieve tapered sides. This technique yields a gentle, feathered transition rather than the stark contrast often observed in the show’s other hairstyles.

To style this dapper look, begin by employing a blow dryer to coax the hair in the desired direction of the part. Then, employ a quality styling cream or gel to provide both luster and long-lasting hold, expertly combing it into place.

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In conclusion, the haircuts showcased in Peaky Blinders serve as more than mere hairstyles; they are iconic symbols of the show’s distinctive time period and the characters’ identities. From the daring undercut sported by protagonist Tommy Shelby to the classic side part of Michael Gray, each haircut tells a story and adds depth to the narrative.

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