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How to Match Your Haircut to Your Face Shape

Choosing the right hair style to your face shape is must if you want to improve your appearance and become a better looking man. and there are many reasons why.

The Importance of Matching Your Haircut to Your Face Shape

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There are seven basic face shapes:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • and Long

Each of these shapes has its unique characteristics and requires a different type of haircut to balance and complement them. People who are looking for a hairstyle without a “face shape code” are probably going to make a BIG mistake and waste their time.

Haircuts For Round Face Shape

Men who have round faces often exhibit several noticeable features, such as prominent cheekbones, a circular jawline, and equal width and height. These factors can pose a challenge when searching for suitable hairstyles that complement their facial shape.

The same holds true for individuals with chubby faces, as it is crucial to select a hairstyle that helps to achieve a harmonious and well-balanced facial appearance.

Haircuts For Round Face Shape
  • Focus on haircuts that add height and volume to the top of the head, such as a pompadour, quiff, or textured crop, to elongate the face.
  • Avoid hairstyles that add width to the sides of the face, like buzz cuts, fringes, or heavy layers.
  • Consider getting a side-swept fringe or a long, angular fringe that falls diagonally across the forehead to create the illusion of a longer face.
  • Try a short, tapered haircut that is tight on the sides and back but longer on top to add some angles and definition to the round face.
  • Avoid haircuts that are too long and fall below the shoulders, as they can make the face appear even rounder.

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Haircuts For Oval Face Shape

For guys with an oval face shape, it’s best to style your hair in a way that lifts it up and is away from your face.

While you can keep the length on top, avoid letting your hair fall across your forehead. If you want a large fringe, it can conceal your facial angles and give the illusion of a rounder face shape.

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Haircuts For Square Face Shape

To flatter a square-shaped face, look for hairstyles that incorporate roundness, height, or texture on the crown. Even a sharply defined, angular cut can look appealing as it elongates the face.

Haircuts For Square Face Shape

The key principle for square-shaped faces is to avoid styles that are overly wide without being sufficiently tall. Instead, focus on adding weight and volume to the top of the head to balance out any weight on the sides.

Haircuts For Triangle Face Shapes

Haircuts For Triangle Face Shape

To balance out a triangle face shape, which has a wider jawline and narrower forehead, there are several haircut options to consider:

  • To create balance, add volume to the top of the head with layers, bangs, or a textured cut.
  • Focus for side-swept bangs to shift attention from the wider jawline towards the eyes and create a more proportionate look.
  • A chin-length bob can also help create a symmetrical appearance and add volume to the crown of the head to balance out the wider jawline.
  • Avoid hairstyles that add volume at the bottom, such as blunt cuts or one-length styles, as they can accentuate the jawline.
  • Layered waves that start from the cheekbones and flow down to the shoulders can also help balance out the wider jawline and create a softer, more feminine appearance.

Haircuts For Diamond Face Shape

Haircuts for diamond face shape

For those with a diamond face shape, their facial structure is distinguished by a narrow forehead and chin, as well as broad cheekbones. To select the most appropriate haircut, consider the following:

  • Focus for hairstyles that create balance by reducing the width of the cheekbones while adding width at the forehead and chin. Examples include haircuts that add volume and texture to the crown, like a side-swept hairstyle or a messy fringe.
  • Avoid haircuts that accentuate the cheekbones further. As they are already the widest part of the face, avoid hairstyles that amplify this feature, such as those with blunt edges or that fit too tightly on the sides.
  • Short haircuts can be effective for diamond face shapes, as they can help to balance out the narrowness of the forehead and chin. A closely cropped style, like a buzz cut, can be a low-maintenance option.
  • Experiment with facial hair, if you desire. Short, well-groomed beards or mustaches can add width to the chin, helping to create a more balanced appearance.

Haircuts For Heart Face Shape

If your face has a heart shape, it has a wider forehead and a narrower jawline and chin. Here are some recommendations to help you select a complementary haircut:

  • Steer clear of styles that add excessive volume on top: As your forehead is already broader, avoid hairstyles that add too much volume to the top, as this can create an unbalanced, top-heavy appearance. Instead, opt for hairstyles that provide a more proportionate and balanced look.
  • Consider a side-swept fringe: A side-swept fringe can help to soften your forehead and balance out your face shape, while also drawing attention to your eyes and highlighting your best features.
  • Look for a style that adds volume at the jawline: To balance your face, seek a style that adds volume at the jawline or chin, such as a short, textured crop that creates the illusion of a wider jawline.
  • Avoid styles that are too short on the sides: As your jawline is narrower, avoid hairstyles that are excessively short on the sides, as they can make your face appear even narrower. Instead, try a style with some length on the sides to create a more balanced look.
  • Experiment with layers: Layers can add texture and depth to your hair, helping to balance out your face shape. Consider a style with longer layers around the jawline to create a more flattering profile.

Haircuts For Oblong Face Shape

As a male with a long face shape, selecting the appropriate haircut can enhance your facial proportions and result in a more attractive appearance.

Tips for those with Long Face Shape:

  • Avoid haircuts that are excessively long or add height at the top, as these can make your face appear even longer. Instead, aim for shorter hair on the sides and back, with some length on top.
  • Add width to your face: Focus for haircuts that add volume to the sides to make your face look wider, thus balancing out its length. For instance, try a side-swept fringe or a layered cut that adds fullness around the temples.
  • Avoid center parts: Center parts can make a long face shape look even longer. Instead, consider a side part or a tousled, textured style that doesn’t have a defined part.
  • Consider your hair type: Your hair texture can also influence which haircut is most suitable for your long face shape. If you have thick, curly hair, a longer, layered cut can work well, while a shorter, textured cut can create an illusion of fullness for thin hair.
  • Seek advice from a hairstylist: A professional hairstylist can provide valuable guidance in choosing a haircut that complements your long face shape, taking into account your lifestyle, hair type, and personal style. Take pictures of hairstyles that appeal to you and communicate your preferences to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome.

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