Bad Fade vs Good Fade

The Difference Between a Bad And Good Fade: Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting A Fade Haircut

Fade is one of the most popular haircuts at this time, with many versatile options you can choose from, but what if you got a bad fade haircut and feel disappointed? Don’t worry, you can fix it! Here’s a guide on fade haircuts, how to spot a bad one, and simple steps to make it stylish again.

You won’t be stuck with it until it grows out!

Now let’s explore Good Fade vs Bad Fade!

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What Is A Bad Fade Haircut?

A fade haircut is when the hair is cut at different lengths, shorter at the bottom and gradually longer towards the top. It’s like a casual, edgy version of a buzz cut with longer hair on top and tidy edges. But a bad fade looks choppy, buzzed, or uneven.

A good fade should have a smooth, gradual transition from short to long hair. If it doesn’t, then it’s a bad fade!

Creating fades is a crucial skill for barbers. It takes steady hands, sharp scissors, and the right knowledge to match the head and face shape.

Haircuts should be personalized, just like your clothes. You and your barber should know the best haircut for your face and head shape to avoid mistakes.

Luckily, there are various types of fades to choose from that will suit your head shape. More on this below.

Common Signs Of A Bad Fade Haircut

Haircut Does Not Match Your Face Shape

Bad Fade Vs Good Fade Haircuts

Have you ever had longer hair and then decided to cut it? Did you look better before or after the haircut? If it’s better, then you match your face shape with a haircut; on the other hand, you miss the face and head shape and should then stick with longer hair.

How to March Your Haircut To Your Face Shape

Fades come in various types, and it’s crucial to pick one that complements your face shape.

For round or oval faces, the low fade works best. Its closely cropped sides make the head appear slimmer. You can combine it with a quiff or pompadour to elongate the face for a balanced look.

Visible Growth Patterns

You might have heard people say that it’s impossible to hide a cowlick or stubborn hair that grows in a different direction on your head. But that’s not entirely true.

One effective way to deal with this is by getting a good fade haircut. Not only will it give you a stylish look, but it can also help blend and camouflage the hair that grows in a different angle.

Find a skilled barber who knows how to work with your hair’s patterns. You can ask them to give you some useful tips on how to style your hair to mask these stubborn spots effectively.

Hair Grows Out Quickly

Bad Fade vs Good Fade - Hair Grows Out Quickly

If your hair grows back too fast after a haircut, it could mean you had a bad haircut.

A good haircut should last for a while before you need another trim. For instance, if you notice significant hair regrowth in less than a week, it might be a good idea to ask for a shorter cut or try a different barber.

A skilled stylist should know how to cut your hair in a way that maintains its style even as it grows.

Signs Of A Good Fade Haircut

Now that you finally know the signs of a bad fade haircut, let’s explore the signs of a good fade haircut!

Haircut Matches Your Face Shape

Bad Fade vs Good Fade

Again, haircut should always match your face shape no matter what, especially when you go for a fade haircut. I know it’s a disappointing feeling if you planned to have a hairstyle like your favorite role model, but if you don’t have a face shape that suits that hairstyle, then don’t try it.

There are seven face shapes:

  1. Round
  2. Oval
  3. Square
  4. Triangle
  5. Diamond
  6. Heart
  7. and Long

Each of these shapes has its unique characteristics and requires a different type of haircut to balance and complement them. People who are looking for a fade hairstyle without a “face shape code” are going to make a BIG mistake and waste their money and time.

Haircut Matches Thickness Of Your Hair

Bad Fade vs Good Fade

If your fade haircut goes well with the thickness and texture of your hair, it could be a good sign. For example, Tommy Shelby’s haircut looks great with his disconnected fade undercut with a crop style.

Guys with thick, dense hair usually rock low and high fades. However, if you have straight hair or thinning hair from hair loss, getting a good fade might be challenging.

If you have thinning hair, your barber might suggest different haircuts or recommend hair growth products or supplements to address the problem.

Types of Fade Haircuts

Low Fade
Low Fade Hair

A low fade starts at the level of the ears, not below the sideburns. If you ask a barber for a low fade, they will probably ask you if you want to add something to the hairstyle, such as pomps, faux hawks etc.

Mid Fade
Mid Fade Haircut

The mid fade, also called medium fade, starts halfway up the sides and back. It’s a bit higher than a low fade but still gives a neat and crisp look. With a mid fade, you can try various styles like mid bald fade, mid fade undercut, and mid zero cuts. It frames your face and eyes nicely and creates an illusion of a longer head, which suits people with shorter heads.

It works well with longer hair slicked back. To maintain the look, you can use a product with good hold or a defining spray. The haircut can be customized using different clipper sizes at the barbershop.
You can easily match this style with any hair length and experiment with many different looks.

High Fade
Good Fade

For a versatile and stylish haircut that suits all men’s hairstyles, go for the high fade. It’s self-explanatory, giving you the highest fade of the three options. Most of your head is faded, leaving a small patch of hair on top. To make it trendier, you can add a line-up, hard part, or a hair design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Common Characteristics Of a Bad Fade?

  • Visible lines of demarcation between different hair lengths.
  • Rough and uneven blending between the shorter and longer sections.
  • Overly sharp or jagged edges that look unnatural.
  • An asymmetrical appearance due to inconsistencies on both sides of the head.
  • Inadequate attention to detail and precision, leading to a messy overall look.

What are some Common Characteristics Of a Good Fade?

  • Smooth and gradual transitions between different hair lengths.
  • A natural-looking blend that gives a polished and well-groomed appearance.
  • Clean and defined edges that match the individual’s style and preferences.
  • Balanced and symmetrical look on both sides of the head.
  • Attention to detail and precision, resulting in a professional finish.

What are some Common Mistakes To Avoid when getting a Fade?

  • Choosing a hairstyle that doesn’t suit your hair type or face shape.
  • Trying to cut your hair at home without the necessary skills or tools.
  • Not providing clear instructions to the barber about the desired fade style.
  • Waiting too long between haircuts, making the fade appear unkempt.
  • Ignoring proper aftercare, such as using the right products or protecting the hair from excessive heat and sun exposure.

And that’s it! We hope we’ve helped you if your barber messed up your haircut or you’re just looking for what to avoid before getting a fade haircut. Again, find the best one that suit your face shape symmetry!

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