Do Women like buzz cuts?

5 Reasons Why Women Dislike Buzz Cuts

Do women like buzz cuts? Many men have wondered about this question and struggled to find a right answer. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with five reasons why some women may not like buzz cuts, as well as reasons why other women appreciate them.

Now let’s dive in.

Are Buzz Cuts Ugly?

Buzz cut is one of the best options if you decide to rock a short style, but in some cases it looks very ugly on a man because it doesn’t suit his face shape.

The buzz cut is a very attractive hairstyle for men who have diamond, square, or oval shaped faces, if your face does not belong to this category, I advise you not to think about wearing this hairstyle. Another reason why some people’s buzz cut is ugly is because their hair is maturing and the upper hairline starts to get shorter and shorter, so it leads to an ugly and poor look.

Now let’s move on to why some women don’t like the buzz cut.

5 Reasons Why Women Dislike Buzz Cuts

Many women don’t like buzz cuts on men for a few reasons – the reasons we’re going to list don’t necessarily apply to every woman!

These are the 5 most common reasons why women don’t like buzz cuts.

1. Looks To Much Masculine

Many women think that buzz cuts can make a man appear as if he’s trying too hard to seem tough or extremely masculine. While this is a generalization, it’s an observation worth considering.

Some women may be attracted to the perceived masculinity of buzz cuts, while others may not connect with that vibe. Sometimes, even without directly interacting with men sporting buzz cuts, the impression they give off might not align with what certain women are looking for.

2. Most Women Prefer Longer Hair

Most women seem to like long hair on men and compare buzz cuts to other styles that don’t show a man’s scalp. Some women dislike buzz cuts because they can’t run their fingers through the hair.

They might think men with buzz cuts have “bad hair” like thin or receding hair and see it as lazy to hide these issues with a buzz cut, this can make them think the man lacks hygiene or organization.

Buzz cuts are seen as easy and low-maintenance, while longer styles show effort and might suggest positive traits like being organized and confident.

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3. Lack Of Versatile Styling

Many women prefer men with hair that can be versatile in styling and appearance because it offers a range of aesthetic possibilities and allows for personal expression.

Having the option to change one’s hairstyle can be appealing, as it can adapt to various occasions, moods, or trends. On the other hand, opting for a buzz cut, which is extremely short and uniform, may limit these styling choices significantly.

While some men may find the buzz cut practical and low-maintenance, it may not provide the same level of creative expression or adaptability that longer hair or more varied styles offer. 

4. Preference for Trendy Hairstyles Over Buzz Cuts

Women are drawn to trending hairstyles that are popular among influencers and celebrities because they often reflect current fashion trends and can make a statement about a person’s style and personality. These hairstyles are most seen on social media platforms, in magazines, and on tv series, making them highly visible and influential.

Consequently, some women may be more inclined to appreciate and favor hairstyles that align with these trends, as they can appear stylish and in touch with contemporary fashion. 

On the other hand, the buzz cut, which is a super short and basic hairstyle, might not be as attractive to people who want a more special or stylish appearance. This is because it doesn’t have the unique features and different styles that you can get with other trendy hairstyles.

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5. Hair Texture 

Hair texture plays a significant role in shaping hairstyle preferences. A man with naturally curly or wavy hair often find that longer hair styles allow them to showcase the unique texture of their hair, the extra length provides more opportunity for curls and waves to express themselves, creating an alternative and attractive look.

In contrast, a buzz cut, with its extremely short length, may not offer the same canvas for highlighting the natural beauty of curly or wavy hair.

When Do Women Like Buzz Cuts?

1. When It Suits Your Face Shape

Like we have said above, the buzz cut looks best on guys who have diamond, square, or oval shaped faces. When you have very short hair, you can’t style it in different ways like with longer hair, which means you can’t use it to change the appearance of your face.

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2. When a Man is in Good Shape

If you’re in shape you will have no problem with rocking any short hairstyle.

Men with active fitness lifestyles, like athletes, hikers, or swimmers, frequently opt for buzz cuts due to their practicality during physical pursuits. Buzz cuts allows men to focus on their activities without the distraction of longer hair. In turn, women who share a passion for these active pursuits may find buzz cuts appealing in men because they signify a shared dedication to an active and adventurous lifestyle. 

3. When It’s a Longer Length

Some women don’t like extremely short buzz cuts with just stubble. They’re more accepting of buzz cuts that are a bit longer, like a high-and-tight or a crew cut.

Longer buzz cut can be a good compromise, it’s easy to maintain like a short buzz cut but offers more versatility and it usually covers the scalp better. Many male celebrities have worn longer buzz cuts recently, like Drake for example. Some women prefer longer buzz cuts because they can run their fingers through the hair, which they prefer over stubble. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is buzz cut a ‘masculine’ haircut?

The buzz cut is seen as a ‘masculine’ haircut due to its military origins, simplicity, and practicality.
It’s linked to the military, where short, easy-to-maintain styles are needed. Historically, men have favored shorter hair for practicality, while longer hair has been linked to femininity.

Is a Buzz Cut Old Money Hairstyle?

Yes, buzz cuts belong to old money hairstyles. The buzz cut is a preferred choice for men with a more traditional style, including those associated with “old money,” due to its neat, easy-to-maintain appearance.

What is the maximum length of a Buzz Cut?

The maximum length for a buzz cut is typically around 1/2 inch (12.7 millimeters). However, some variations of the buzz cut may allow for slightly longer lengths, but they still maintain a relatively short and uniform appearance.


Don’t worry too much about what others think of your buzz cut. Many men have wondered about this, and while some women may not like it due to negative associations, it shouldn’t be the only factor in your choice. If you like it, go for it; there are still plenty of women who appreciate buzz cuts too.

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