How To Get Drake's Haircut

How To Get Drake’s Haircut

Drake’s haircuts are some of the most iconic modern styles for men, particularly in the realm of short haircuts. From his early days on “Degrassi” to his hip-hop stardom, Drake has maintained a consistent hairstyle, albeit with some room for variation. However, when you walk into a barbershop and ask for “The Drake,” you might be met with a follow-up question: “Which Drake haircut are you referring to?”

In this guide, we’ll help you distinguish the standout Drake haircuts from the rest, so you can sport a signature look of your own. While you might not start dropping rhymes like Drake overnight, you can certainly rock his best haircuts with confidence. So, for now, let’s focus on Drake’s most iconic styles.

What Haircut Does Drake Have

How to get Drake haircut

The question that often arises among fans and grooming enthusiasts alike is, “What haircut does Drake have?”. The answer is a classic buzz cut with a high fade on the sides, this combination creates a sleek and modern look that perfectly complements his sharp sense of style. The buzz cut on top keeps things neat and low-maintenance, while the high fade adds a touch of edginess to the overall appearance.

This hairstyle is heaven for men who are looking for a clean and elegant look, without having to worry about regular maintenance and products – yes you read it well, you don’t need any product for this hairstyle. Drake’s ability to effortlessly rock this haircut has undoubtedly contributed to its iconic status in the world of men’s grooming.

Undoubtedly, the “Drake fade” ranks among the top-tier short haircuts in the industry. When you’ve got someone as influential as Drake rocking it, it’s practically a guarantee that it’s reached a certified double platinum status in the realm of style. As for whether he decides to let it grow or not, that remains a mystery. What we can confirm, though, is that he’ll undoubtedly keep it concealed under the occasional cap – that’s just his signature style.

How to Ask Barber for a Drake’s Haircut

How to Ask Barber for a Drake’s Haircut

Whether you’re going for the classic Drake look or a slightly longer variation, we’ve got you covered. For the iconic Drake style, ask for a buzz cut on top and a high or low fade on the sides, along with a clean hairline. If you want a bit more length, request a buzz cut with a 3-4 guard and the same fade and clean hairline.

If you prefer a short afro like Drake’s, keep it neat with a tight hairline. Don’t forget the well-groomed beard, as Drake often blends his haircut and beard seamlessly. Regular barber visits are key to maintaining these styles!

Drake’s Best HaircutsWhat to Tell Your Barber
Classic Drake– Buzz cut on top with a high or low fade on the sides and a clean hairline
Slightly Longer Style– Buzz cut with 3-4 guard and high or low fade on sides with a clean hairline
Short Afro– Neat curls and a tight hairline
Groomed Beard– Blend haircut with your beard. Keep it clean and tight.

Drake’s Best Haircuts

Drake’s influence on the industry has lasted for more than 1 decade, where he has shown a diverse range of fashion changes, music style, and so on hairstyles. Throughout this time, his hair has never grown overly long, and it’s been a rarity to see him without some form of noticeable facial hair (we’re not counting his teen career in acting).

Now, when it comes to Drake’s best haircuts, personal preferences vary. Some may favor the low fade and buzz cut with tight curls, while others might find his short afro coupled with a closely trimmed beard to exude a captivating boyish charm.

Rather than overwhelming you with the names of these haircuts, we’d like to present you with a visual gallery featuring these styles themselves. Feel free to select one and bring it along to your local barber, and be sure to mention our recommendation when you do.

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Drake Heart Haircut
Drake Buzz Fade With Beard
 Cornrow Hairstyle
Drake Short Curly Afro

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much Does Drake Pay for a haircut?

There is no information on how much Drake pays a barber for a haircut, but what we do know is that famous artist YK Osiris paid $1500 to replicate Drake’s Certified Lover Boy cut in 2021.

How much should I expect to pay for a Drake Fade at the barber shop?

The cost of a Drake’s Haircut can vary depending on your location and the expertise of your barber. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $50 or more for this haircut. Prices may be higher in upscale salons or with celebrity stylists.

Is Drake’s haircut suitable for all hair types?

While Drake’s haircut works well for various hair types, it may look slightly different depending on whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy. Your barber can tailor the cut to suit your specific hair type.

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