Buzz Cut Lenghts

Buzz Cut Lengths – 0 to 8 Explained With Photos

You have decided to go for a buzz cut, but now we come to ask you: which buzz cut length do you want?

I know it sounds confusing and why are you bothering about this at all? But you better solve the answer to this question now because you will definitely be asked the same question by the barber, or you will be disappointed when you see results after cutting yourself.

What is a buzz cut?

A buzz cut isn’t just a simple clipper trim; it’s a diverse range of hairstyles and lengths. Each buzz cut length varies based on hair type and head shape, making each person unique. So, which buzz cut should you choose?

Before heading to the barber, familiarize yourself with the various buzz cut lengths (from 0 to 8) to help you select the ideal one. Keep in mind that there can be some overlap between styles, so it’s wise to show your barber a specific photo and seek their advice based on your hair type. 

Buzz Cut Lengths

There are 9 buzz cut lengths, and each length has its own unique appearance and can be chosen based on personal style and preference.

LengthInches (in)Millimeters (mm)
No. 01/16 in1.5 mm
No. 11/8 in3 mm
No. 21/4 in6 mm
No. 33/8 in10 mm
No. 41/2 in13 mm
No. 55/8 in16 mm
No. 63/4 in19 mm
No. 77/8 in22 mm
No. 81 in25 mm

#0 Buzz Cut Length

0 Buzz Cut

Number 0 buzz length is the shortest hairstyle you can choose, and it’s often referred to as a “shaved” or “bald” look. It’s a style that requires very little maintenance, and you don’t even need a barber for this hairstyle. Just cut yourself with a clipper without any guard, and you’re good to go.

If you are going for this haircut, you will need to moisturize your scalp on a daily basis for sunburn protection.

#1 Buzz Cut Length

1 Buzz Cut Length

#1 Buzz Cut is slightly longer than a #0, you will need a hair clipper and a guard with size one  (1/8 inch or 3mm).

A popular choice for the #1 buzz cut is to trim the front sides into a wavy line for a classy look. For maintenance, you will need to get your hair trimmed every 3-6 weeks depending on your hair’s growth time.

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#2 Buzz Cut Length

2 Buzz Cut Lengths

For guys with strawberry-shaped jawlines and light skin, a Number 2 buzz cut at 1/4 inch (6mm) works well. It hides the scalp, giving a fuller look. If you have a big forehead and straight eyebrows this style suits you, it gives off a tough image, making people think twice before approaching you.

Trim the hair above your forehead in an “M” or wide “U” shape to emphasize the buzz cut. Maintain it with a trim every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

#3 Buzz Cut Length

3 Buzz Cut Lengths

If you want slightly longer hair opt for a Number 3 buzz cut, it’s a clean shave with a 3/8-inch (10mm) length. Celebs like Brad Pitt and Cristiano Ronaldo rock this army-inspired look.

#4 Buzz Cut Length

4 Buzz Cut Length

A Number 4 buzz cut (1/2 inch or 3mm) is the perfect choice if you are trying buzz for the first time – Getting a buzz cut can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re unsure how it’ll look.

Number 4 is a great middle-ground, less intimidating than going really short. It’s a safe way to test the waters. If you don’t like it, no worries; it grows back quickly. It’s a subtle, stylish, and masculine choice that turns heads in a classy way – ideal for a first-time buzz.

#5 Buzz Cut Length

5 Buzz Cut Length

The number 5 buzz cut leaves about 5/8 of an inch (16mm) of hair, striking a balance for those who like short styles but want some styling flexibility.

While shorter buzz cuts can be challenging to shape or style, with a number 5, you can create a very short quiff. However, it might still be a bit tricky to style, so you might consider waiting for a longer buzz cut or opting for one initially. The number 5 is also perfect for a “high and tight” style, which features longer hair on top and short sides/back.

To achieve this look, buzz the top to a number 5 and the sides/back to a zero grade or a #1, creating a sharp transition between them. 

#6 Buzz Cut Length

6 Buzz Cut Lengths

The Number 6 buzz cut leaves 3/4 of an inch (19mm) of hair, giving you more styling options. You can create a very short quiff or a small faux hawk at the front.

This look isn’t immediately recognized as a buzz cut; it’s closer to a regular men’s haircut – if you are looking for a classic short hairstyle this is probably what you want.

#7 Buzz Cut Length

7 Buzz Cut Length

The Number 7 Buzz Cut measures 7/8 of an inch (22mm) with this length, you have more style choices, like crew cuts and faux hawks. To maintain this haircut, you will need styling products (pomade or gel) and a blow dryer.

This length allows you to experiment with longer buzz cut styles like crew cuts, which have more hair at the front and taper shorter towards the crown.

#8 Buzz Cut Length

8 Buzz Cut Length

The Number 8 buzz cut has a 1-inch (25mm) length and offers versatility in styling but requires more upkeep. It pairs well with crew cuts, faux hawks, and high-and-tights.

You can even style a short quiff or very short fringe like the French Crop. However, having an even Number 8 all around might make the sides and back look too full, which isn’t ideal, especially for men with shorter or rounder faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 0 buzz cut bald?

Yes, a 0 buzz cut is very close to being bald. It’s the shortest buzz cut length you can get and leaves the hair extremely short, essentially just a stubble or a shadow on the scalp. While it’s not completely bald, it’s as close to bald as you can achieve with clippers.

What’s the longest buzz cut length?

The #8 buzz cut is the longest, leaving hair about an inch in length. It provides more texture and definition compared to shorter buzz cuts.

What are the different buzz cut lengths?

Buzz cut lengths range from 0 (the shortest) to 8 (the longest). Each number represents a specific clipper guard length, resulting in different hair lengths.

Can I choose a specific buzz cut length based on my face shap

Yes, you should consider your face shape when selecting a buzz cut length. Shorter lengths can complement round faces, while longer lengths may suit oval or square faces.


Knowing buzz cut lengths helps prevent mistakes, whether you cut your hair or ask a barber. Barber-client misunderstandings are common, so this basic knowledge makes communication better. Enjoy!

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